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2013 Annual Meeting and Woman of the Year Celebration

10/19/2013  1:00 PM -  10/19/2013  9:00 PM  Stoker's in the HoDo Downtown Fargo

The North Dakota Women’s Network Invites you to our 7th Annual Meeting & 2013 Woman of the Year Celebration

Saturday, October 19, 2013 at Stoker's in the lower level of the Hotel Donaldson in Fargo

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Please Join the North Dakota Women's Network on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at Stoker's in lower level of the Hotel Donaldson in downtown Fargo

SESSION FULL ***Workshop:  Personhood 101: What it is and what it could mean for North Dakota?*** SESSION FULL
A workshop will be held from 1 pm-5 pm to explore the consequences of “personhood.” Under so-called ‘personhood’ efforts, the constitutional rights of human beings would apply the moment an egg is fertilized. The workshop will feature several experts and will cover the history of personhood legislation, the potential impact of personhood, and where we go from here. Contact Renee at or 701-226-1116 to get on the waiting list.



Celebration:  2013 Woman of the Year

Following the workshop, we'll honor the contributions of NDWN's 2013 Woman of the Year – Karla Rose Hanson. A reception will be held from 7-9 pm in Stoker’s.   


2013 NDWN Woman of the Year Recipient Biography 
Karla Rose Hanson is co-founder and chair of the North Dakota Coalition for Privacy in Health Care ( This coalition believes government should not interfere in the private doctor/patient relationship and specifically opposes “personhood” legislation, which would grant legal rights to fertilized eggs. Karla recognized the need to educate North Dakotans on the impact of "personhood" legislation, which was expected to be introduced during the 2013 legislation session. In fact, three pieces of personhood legislation were introduced. Two were defeated in large part because of Karla’s commitment to women’s rights – but one, an amendment to the North Dakota Constitution that would recognize and protect human life at every stage of development, passed the legislature. It will go in front of voters in November 2014 as Measure 1. The North Dakota Coalition for Privacy in Health Care became a powerhouse at the ND legislature this year and will continue to fight these extreme laws.

Previous Woman of the Year Recipients:
2012: Connie Hildebrand

2011: Judy DeMers

2010: Cheryl Bergian

2009: Nancy Johnson

2008: Bonnie Palecek
2007: Ellen Chaffee

Event costs:  

Personhood 101 Workshop (1-5 pm) - $20     
Woman of the Year Celebration (7-9 pm) - $40   
Attend both activities and save - $50

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